Pivot Shuttle SL

Nuova Pivot Shuttle SL


Pivor presenta la versione leggera della Shuttle, dotata del nuovo motore Fazua con batteria da 430Wh, coppia massima di 60Nm ed un peso complessivo dichiarato della bici senza pedali di 16.5kg. I millimetrimetri di escursione al posteriore sono 132.

Geometria Pivot Shuttle SL

Pivot Shuttle SL

The Shuttle SL is a cutting-edge new trail bike that redefines how we think about – and how we ride – mountain bikes. It blurs the defined boundaries between full-power e-MTB’s and lightweight unassisted trail bikes, bringing to life both the benefits of electric assist AND the telepathic responsiveness that only an absence of mass can provide. This is a game changer.

“The Shuttle SL bridges the gap between an analog bike and an e-bike,” says Chris Cocalis, founder and CEO of Pivot. “It gives you that same dialed in, nimble traditional mountain bike feel while the power characteristics provide that perfect amount of an assistance making it feel like you’re having a really strong day on the bike-only you get to have it every day! We did this by laser-focusing on the strength to weight ratio, geometry and suspension to create an insanely light, yet perfectly powerful e-MTB.”

Think of this as the ultimate bionic full suspension trailbike. a 36.25lbs (under 16.5kg), 132mm travel, do-it-all mountain bike with a 60Nm FAZUA motor hidden just above the bottom bracket and a 430Wh battery nested in the downtube. The FAZUA Ride 60 motor disengages completely when not in use; this makes for silent, drag-free operation when unassisted and an abundance of up-tempo, terrain devouring boost when you need it.

The Shuttle SL brings the power to go further, the power to go bigger, with no weight penalty. Dw-link suspension, proprietary carbon fiber construction, size specific chainstays and super low standover all contribute to the Shuttle SL’s unrivaled performance; an e-bike that could only be the product of Pivot Cycles pedigree.

Pivot Shuttle SL

Pricing, Specifications, and Availability: The Shuttle SL will be available in Desert Sage Green and Blue Denim and can be purchased in either World Cup (Fox 34 140mm fork, DPS shock) or Team, Pro and Ride (Fox 36 150mm E-Tuned fork, Float X shock) builds, and priced from $8,299/8,999€ to $11,999/12,599€. Available now, in sizes S through XL, at key Pivot dealers worldwide.

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  1. Comunque siamo in attesa della prova in particolare de nuovo fazua. Dovrebbe uscire un modello più enduristico a cui sarei moto interessato.
  2. Speravo in una opinione di sto Fazua ma nulla, aspettiamo. Versione entry Level aspettiamo un'altra casa, pivot non mi pare avvezza
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