Evil entra nel segmento ebike con l’Epocalypse


Evil presenta la sua prima ebike, la Epocalypse. 166mm di escursione al posteriore, 170mm all’anteriore, motore Shimano EP8 con batteria da 630Wh, telaio in carbonio e ruote da 29″. Disponibile un solo montaggio a 11.999 Dollari.

The electrified Epocalypse is your tractor beam to the summit. This long travel overlander is prepped for the end of days, placing direct current between your heels to turn the steepest ascents into provocative dares. Inspired by our beloved Wreckoning platform, the battery boosted Epocalypse rides above two 29” wheels with 166mm of rear travel and 170mm below the bars. Posture for this genre-fluid beast closely resembles that of the Wreckoning for a proper dance party deep in the trees.

Evil Epocalypse geometry

The geometry teeter totter is well balanced across the Evil family tree and the Epocalypse drops into a cozy branch alongside its gravity kin. Epocalyptic lightning flows into a low-slung Shimano EP8 motor to kick out 85Nm of pedal assistance at full throttle, backed by the brand’s burly 630Wh battery for max laps. Spin it up and let the good times rip! The motor’s trail-hugging heft will dig those rubber lugs in deep for unshakable stability and traction. Between the juiced watts and the pedaling prowess of our DELTA System, few ascents will tilttoo steep for the Epocalypse.

Electrified bikes are a blast whether gravity’s helping or hindering, and the engineers at Evil worked closely with Shimano to achieve an ideal power balance. Good luck locating a slope that the Epocalypse can’t scale. After two years of rigorous testing and perfecting we’ve created the right machine for any rider’s version of fun. Engage Boost mode for anti-gravity that begs your full attention, or to charge from the apex toward the finish line.

Evil Epocalypse

Though we only toggle the motor between Off and Boost mode around here, Eco and Trail settings will also suit your speed and save juice on longer outings. Riders can also choose between a pair of distinct power profiles in the Shimano dashboard to prolong the charge or jam all the watts into each assistance setting. And if you’re up for a daylong mission the Epocalypse battery can be swapped for a fresh cell in a matter of seconds. A pair of sturdy carbon triangles surrounds the EP8 powerhouse, protected from front tire projectiles by a custom skid plate beneath the motor and a shuttle shield under the downtube.

As ever, chain slap is silenced by a hefty sound mound strip on the chain stay, and there’s a second slab of ‘shut-up” inside the seat stay. Our refined vascular system guides housing and hoses discretely through the frame, and some massive main-pivot bearings are ready to carry the powerful Epocalypse load all season long. A SRAM UDH derailleur hanger dangles from our SuperBoost+ rear end, keeping those precious drivetrain bits shifty, and hangers are available at most shops if you manage to clip a passing rock.

In fact, each of the bike’s electric and analog components can be had at your local two-wheel Evil dealer, keeping the ride rolling and the maintenance time minimal. We wreckon these 442mm chain stays are worth a shout. The Epocalypse boasts the shortest carbon stays of any ebike on the market, maintaining that Evil slap-happy, side-hit slashing DNA we all know and love. If you’re searching for a lightning-powered unicorn that’s deft at stabilizing descents and lofting roots whenever it’s asked, you’ve found it.

We’ll leave you to choose between Low and X-Low geometry settings, and to select the standard or angle-adjust headset that best suits your style. The potential advantages of an electric Wreckoning run deep. More laps in a day, longer rides with friends, additional carrying capacity for dig days, and faster lunch laps when the schedule overflows. Adding battery power to your stable will morph rest days on the couch into trail parties with friends. We’re confident your sofa won’t mind.

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  1. Fabrizio61:

    Viene da pensare ad un eccellente comportamento sul campo ed un peso abbastanza contenuto.
    Però,in palanche , quanto sarebbe ??
    lo vuoi veramente sapere?
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