In Ebike nel Queyras


Jerome Clementz ci porta sui sentieri del Queyras insieme ai suoi amici. Sottotitoli in inglese.

Often as a rider, the summer season is busy and it’s hard to connect a group of friends for a rad trip. Everybody has their own schedule and things to do, either racing, working, family holidays or just chilling at the beach.

For this reason, planning a fall experience in the mountains is often the best opportunity to end the riding season on a high note.
For this year I invited Pauline Dieffenthaler, Hugo Pigeon and Damien Oton with their Ebikes in the search of the best singletrack and landscapes of the Queyras guided by Cyril Ac’h.

The goal of these few days in the mountains is simple: to ride as many trails as possible, check out the best views and spend some good stress-free times together. RIDE and EXPLORE

During our stay we also joined the local riders for a trail maintenance day in collaboration with the council of Guillestrois-Queyras. We all agree that all users, not only Mountainbiker are having an impact on trails and for a sustainable way of riding it’s important to take our part in the maintenance of those paths. This is key if we want to keep enjoying this trail in the long term. Enjoy and RESPECT.

When it’s time to leave the area, we all know how lucky we were to experience our time in Queyras surrounded by those mountains, trails and friends. But we are also leaving with a new dilemma.



  1. Ci sono stato giusto quest'estate per una settimana facendo giri misti ebike/muscolosa.
    Paesaggi indimenticabili come i sentieri, tutti belli e super manutenuti.
    Peccato che in estate c'è sempre una fiumana di persone anche ad alta quota.
  2. Ho frequentato la zona di Ceillac per 2 estati consecutive, con paesaggi stupendi e valichi a 2.700m.
    Alla fine di agosto sicuramente meno turisti in giro, ci tornerò sicuramente!
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