Brose launches all new complete drive system for e-bikes

Berlin, Germany (July 2, 2019). At Eurobike Media Days, Brose is presenting a proprietary e-bike system and is now offering a single-source solution for drive, battery and display for the first time. In doing so, the family-owned business is staying true to its objectives – delivering flexible design, individual components and complete systems that meet the most varied of customer requirements. Brose offers a harmoniously synced system for the most natural e-bike riding experience.

“The Brose Drive System provides the optimum combination of drive, control unit and battery“, explains Dr.-Ing. Thomas Leicht, Senior Vice President Brose Antriebstechnik. “By coordinating these components, the overall Brose riding experience is optimized. At the same time, the customer can now also benefit from a range of services from a single source.“ Brose’s flexible e-bike kit remains in place: Manufacturers can still select from various Brose components but can now also opt for the complete drive system, too.

Slimline, functional, flexible: Three new displays
The cyclist can get up close with the Brose Drive System using the recently developed “Brose Display Allround”, “Brose Display Remote” or “Brose Display Central”. They are intuitive and ergonomic to use – the buttons are all within easy reach directly on the thumb indentation, with the support level button positioned in the center, the light and menu buttons above this, and the walk assist button below.
The new Brose displays are part of the Brose Drive System but can also be retrofitted to previous versions of the Brose Drive product family. They are suitable for most electric bikes with Brose Drive. Depending on the model, the display shows battery level, support level, speed, range, odometer, trip information, light and time, as well as the walk assist.
For the Brose “Allround” and “Central” displays, the range of values to be shown on the screen can be individually customized to ensure quick and optimum readability. Both models are backlit which means they are easy to read both in darkness and direct sunlight.
With regards to the “Brose Display Allround”, the name says it all: it has the features e-bikers want and the looks to match any bike. It is mounted to either side of the handlebar, has six intuitively operated buttons and a 1.5-inch, convex color screen. Visually it resembles a smartwatch, and at 50 grams it is just as light.
The minimalistic “Remote“ model is a slimline LED unit which is mounted on the right or left of the handlebar. It provides all essential functions and displays in a compact, ergonomic design. It also serves as an external control unit for the larger “Brose Display Central”. This screen-only variant is mounted centrally on the handlebar and ensures maximum readability thanks to its 3.5-inch color screen.

Big power in a small package: Brose Battery 630
The Brose Battery 630, which can be integrated in the bike frame, is the power pack of the Brose Drive System and was specially designed for the Brose Drive product range. Connecting to the drive with the ultra-robust Brose standard plug, it boasts a nominal 17 amp hours at 36 volts, and thus has an energy storage capacity of 630 watt hours. The lockable Brose Battery 630 measures a slim 18.8 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches, weighing just 8.4 lb. The casing, made from black anodized aluminum, is robust and scratchproof. Thanks to a patented locking system, the battery remains securely mounted, even during the most extreme riding conditions, yet can be easily clipped into and out of the frame.

New additions to the Brose Drive family: Aluminium and magnesium platforms
The centerpiece of the Brose Drive System is the Brose Drive product family which comes in two platforms – the aluminum drives which can be installed in any position around the bottom bracket and the magnesium versions which are one pound lighter and 15 percent smaller. New to the market are the magnesium models Brose Drive C Mag und Brose Drive T Mag. To further optimize its performance on longer routes, the range of the Brose Drive T has been significantly increased.
The product family features drives with very different characteristics. They are geared towards the diverse areas of e-bike use – from the gentle, well-balanced Drive C for the city, to the efficient Drive T which is designed for touring, through to the Drive TF which provides support up to speeds of 28 mph, right up to the Drive S, the product family’s very own elite athlete, designed for sporting use, for example in top-class EMTBs.

Brose Service Tool: The digital tool for diagnostics, maintenance and updates
With the goal of delivering a leading class of service and satisfaction to manufacturers, retailers and end-customers, Brose expands its service capabilities. “Our Brose Service team is growing rapidly at the moment”, says Leicht. The new Service Tool is another important component in service delivery. It simplifies diagnostics, maintenance, updates and offers a way to adjust Brose drives to e-bikers’ needs. This digital tool will become an important companion for Brose equipped e-bikes. Bike manufacturers can create and save important data configurations for each model of bike, as well as develop specific production parameters. Retailers can use the Service Tool for diagnostics and maintenance, as well as adjusting parameters of the drive to customers’ needs.

About Brose Antriebstechnik
Brose supplies the automotive industry with around 200 million electric motors every year. The family business has transferred its extensive knowledge of drive systems to the e-bike segment. Brose engineers have developed an innovative drive concept for electric bicycles which has been produced in Berlin since 2014. The mid-drive can be fully integrated into the bicycle frame and delivers a natural riding feeling. E-bikes with the Brose Drive have been available since 2015. All Brose drives are “Made in Germany”: around 100 employees develop and produce the drives at the e-bike competence center in Berlin. More than 30 manufacturers worldwide already trust in Brose e-bike drives.

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